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Hotel Policies

Extra bed policy in the rooms:

  • Children under 7 free in a double room
  • Extra bed 30% of the daily rate


  • We charge 10% Service Fee
  • Room tax of R$ 2.00 per night
  • Breakfast included in the rate when served at the restaurant.
  • Breakfast time of 8: 00h to 10: 30h.
  • Coffee served in the suite charge R$ 22.00.
  • Extra breakfast R$ 22.00.
  • Daily it starts at 14: 00h and ends at 12: 00h.

"NO SHOW" (not show):
Failure to attend will result in total loss of deposit the reservation.

- To confirm the booking, we require a deposit of 50% of the daily current account with a term of up to 48 hours after the reservation request.Or credit card. The remaining 50% will be paid at check in

- Prepayment:
50% credit cards or bank draft

- We accept all credit cards

- Cancellations / Change Reservations:
Reservations may be changed up to 72hrs in advance and canceled by up to 07 days in advance of check in ..

- Rates subject to change without notice.

Atelier Molinaro Boutique Hotel & Bistrot reserves the right to deny entry and / or stay with a view to safety, comfort and tranquility of our guests. Principlamente valid in cases of conduct incompatible with good manners and common sense, with regard to excessive drunkenness, verbal aggression and physical, prostitution and lack of identification documents among others.

Not the entry of animals is allowed.

Objects found at the hotel will be kept for three (3) months after check-out.

Dear Guest, For your own comfort and safety, as well as other guests, we kindly ask you to read carefully and observe our Rules:

RULES - Atelier Molinaro Boutique Hotel

The accommodation in the hotel is governed by the conditions described below and disclosed on the Internet at our website, and is also available in the apartments and at reception.

1) CHECK-IN TIME: 14:00 / CHECK-OUT: 12:00 - Both times, independent of the guest's arrival time to the hotel.

Exit after 12 hours, only upon authorization of the reception. If this occurs it will not be charged another daily.


  • Breakfast from 8:00 to 10:30 - included in the daily rate

The hotel has no obligation to serve breakfast before or after the times above, regardless of time of arrival or guest departure.We may also charge for the extras offered at the breakfast table.

2) According to Instruction of the Ministry of Tourism (EMBRATUR), is mandatory when the input / Check-In completing the FRH (Guest Registration Form) and the presentation of original valid photo ID. Underage be presented a valid original document.


a) maintain conduct consistent with the social and family environment of the Hotel;

b) To respect the times and operating standards of services offered;

c) Bring to the attention of managers any irregularity on the premises of the hotel, so that the appropriate measures are adopted;

d) To indemnify any loss or damage caused to the Hotel;

e) To respect fully and comply with the regulated devices here.
f) Vacate the apartment until the 12 (noon). Failure to meet the pick-up time may lead to the taking of appropriate measures for the evacuation of the apartment. If the guest does not vacate the apartment until the check out time and not being present at the hotel, it has the right to move the guest's belongings to the front desk or other flat with the supervision of the manager or guardian. If you choose the extension of the stay, the guest must ask the reception, at least 24 hours in advance.If there is availability, it may be granted.

g) Use the assets of the Hotel with care to avoid damage such as stain or tear bedding and bath, damaging electrical and electronic equipment, bed / closet / safe and decoration and lighting of objects. Any damage to the goods in his possession, will be charged in addition to the daily and other expenses.

4) - is OFF LIMITS to users of HOTEL:

a) use is Hotel employee to perform particular services;

b) interfere, directly or indirectly, in Hotel Management responsibility services.

c) Host in the same apartment, people beyond the limit permitted by this Regulation.

d) Practice acts considered harmful and / or inadequate to morals and good customs.

e) Smoking inside the restaurant, rooms, bathrooms and other indoor areas, with the guest to use the outer area of ​​the hotel to do so.

f) The use of sound at high volume, and there should be respect for the silence to the other guests, especially after the 22: 00horas;

g) The carrying and use of any type of object or legally prohibited substance or any kind of weapon;

h) To take animals to the Hotel's premises

5) When you're out riding or using the common areas of the hotel, take good care of your belongings, as cameras, cell phones, backpacks, purses, etc... Never leave these loose items and unattended. The custody of them is the exclusive guest owner's responsibility.

6) When you leave the room make sure you have locked the windows and closed the door.Goods and valuables such as jewelry, watches, cameras, cell phones, credit cards, ID, passport, paper money (real, dollars, etc...) should be kept in their power.

6.1) We will not be responsible for damage or theft of vehicles, nor for damage caused by storms of nature and others like burglary, fire, acts of vandalism committed by third parties, etc.

7) MONEY OR VALUE OF OBJECTS left the premises of the apartment are the sole responsibility of its owner guest;

8) You may not remove from the premises of Hotel swimwear or other objects owned by the Hotel.

9) any damage that may be caused to the assets of the Hotel, is the holder of hosting or their carers, will be reimbursed at the account closing act.

10) You may not, at any time, the use of audio equipment or instruments disturbed as well as conversations in loud voices, shouts or verbiage that threaten the peace or cause embarrassment to the other guests, mostly in the period between 22 and 7 hours.Therefore, as of 22 hours, the silence must be respected by all, except in internal events the hotel, where all guests will be aware of his achievement.

11) Reserves the right to veto the management hosting who does not suit the hotel and will not be accepted carriers of easily transmissible diseases. Everyone who carry improperly, contrary to this Regulation or violate legal or moral standards, will be asked to withdraw from the establishment.

12) When any officer of this property to show silent and not answer promptly and correction, are asked to Messrs.Guests bring their complaints to management, which will take immediate action.

13) The Hotel reserves the right to request Apartments with eviction when checked use by intoxicated persons for illegal activities, contrary to morality or morality.

14) In accordance with Articles 82 and 83 of the Statute of Children and Adolescents, "it is forbidden to hosting children under eighteen (18) years in hotels, motels, hostelries or like establishments, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian" , confirming documentary kinship or condition, or if accompanied by an adult with written and notarized the parent or legal guardian.

15) It is for the Legal Liable to prevent that teenagers do not remain unattended in Private Areas (Apartments) and Common Areas Hotel, avoiding possible incidents;

16) The Common Areas (External Areas including sidewalks, staircases and parking for example and Internal Areas such as Hall, TV Room, Stairs, etc..) Usually are third-party traffic, being Messrs. Guests responsible for their belongings and Minors in these areas. For safety the common areas are monitored by cameras;

17) Damages resulting from the loss of apartment keys will be made by guest to the hotel, at the termination of your account. AMOUNT TO BE CHARGED: R$ 100.00 (one hundred and fifty reais)

18) expenses that are not covered by the daily (consumption at the bar and refrigerator, telephone and others) will be added in the daily.Since it is charged 10% of the service fee on the gross total.

19) Changes of apartment (upgrade) it is sometimes possible and sometimes not, depending on hotel occupancy at the time of request. The inability to upgrade does not generate any compensation to the guest.

20) EXTERNAL SERVICES: Are not the responsibility of the Hotel services such as Taxi, Pharmacy, notices Rental, Restaurant, Sightseeing Tours, Delivery, etc..22) .It is expressly prohibited the permanence of birds or animals on the premises of the Hotel.

21) In the Hotel's outer areas there are some wild animals. IBAMA does not allow the capture or transfer of these animals as well for a peaceful coexistence, we strongly recommend that Messrs.Guests do not feed, touch or approach these animals, so we will be avoiding damage to them and unwanted accidents.

22) We will not be responsible for objects or valuables left inside the vehicles in the parking which is public.

23) The Hotel has no lifeguards for the pools, so is not responsible for any problems that eventually can happen, especially people who can not swim. The same criterion is applied to the entire recreation area.

24) The belongings of the guests lost or forgotten in the hotel, will be stored for a maximum of 03 months, getting the free Hotel to give the destination it believes appropriate thereafter.

25) The solution of omissions in these Regulations is the responsibility of Hotel Management. Complaints and suggestions please address the reception or send an email to

We appreciate the preference.

The management