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The Atelier Molinaro Boutique Hotel

Atelier Molinaro is located in an area of ​​33,000m2 surrounded by a beautiful forest.

Just minutes from the Historic Petropolis Downtown and Itaipava. The structure of the hotel consists of 19 suites divided into Standard, Luxury, Master and Imperial categories. A leisure area with swimming pool, a jacuzzi, humid sauna, soccer and volleyball field and an equipped game room.

Before turning into a Hotel, Atelier Molinaro was a family mountain house and an art studio of the owner and artist Elaine Molinaro. After the inauguration in 2005, the Hotel underwent several structural changes. There were built: a convention center, that serves 120 people, an annex with 8 modernized suites with whirlpool bath and plasma tv, other 5 spaces on the body of the Hotel have been reformulated too, providing more privacy, coziness and sophistication. At the completely renovated bistrô, is where breakfast is served. The lobby was moved to the front area of ​​the hotel making it easy to attend and serve our custmers. All aiming at the obsession for quality.