Pet - Hosting Rules

Pets - Hosting Rules

There will be a charge for a pet and per day to be paid at check-in.

It is necessary to submit the vaccination documents for the animals.

Only docile and affectionate animals of small and medium size (up to 15kg) will be accepted.

We do not host animals that can cause intimidation, especially of breeds: Pit Bull, Rotweiller, Doberman, German Shepherd, Fila and German Dog.

It is expressly prohibited the circulation or stay of pets in any condition, in the restaurant (breakfast area), in the swimming pool area, game room, reception, TV room, balconies or in any environment that signals the prohibition, as well as in environments where meals are served at events in general.

The animals must remain together with the owners in the apartment and in the allowed areas.

The animals must use leash and guide when they circulate inside the hotel.

At the time of the maid service, the animals must be removed from the room, otherwise the service will not be performed.

Cleaning of solid and liquid waste is the sole responsibility of the guests.

Guests must bring all the necessary utensils for the stay of the animal, (water and feed containers, guide, food and hygiene material).

In the event of any damage to the apartment (mattress, pillow or any other item of furniture and equipment) the guest will be notified and the amount of expenses will be charged to his account.

The animals will not be able to bark or make any noise that bothers the other guests.

If the animals are agitated, aggressive behavior or can not keep silent, the Hotel will have the right to request their exit.

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